Paper: A Dynamic Asset Allocation Approach to Investing

Abstract: The strategic asset allocation approach utilized by the majority of investment institutions to provide investment advice and guidance is based on unrealistic stock return assumptions making the approach less efficient and effective than a dynamic asset allocation approach. This paper proposes utilizing dynamic asset allocation forward-looking return assumptions to identify the most efficient and prudent asset allocation strategy to invest in. We find a cumulative asset growth advantage of 62% vs. a 100% stocks allocation and 32% vs. a strategic asset allocation approach over two full market cycles since 2000.

Paper: A Secular Approach to Investing for Retirement

Abtract: We know stock investing offers defined contribution retirement plan participants a viable vehicle to both grow and sustain retirement assets. This paper explores a secular approach to investing using both fundamental and technical analysis to support plan participants in the pre-retirement (accumulation) and retirement (distribution) stages including a pragmatic and prudent approach to a systematic withdrawal rate.

Paper: A Fundamental Approach to Investing in US Stocks

Abstract: The majority of research on active and passive investment approaches suggests individual investors should choose a passive index investment vehicle over an active management investment vehicle. This paper proposes utilizing fundamental stock data to develop an active fundamental approach to investing in US stocks to determine if utilizing the data in a systematic approach enables us to outperform a corresponding traditional index approach. The approach is back-tested and yields a 40% cumulative growth advantage over a traditional index approach.