Plan Sponsors

I started in 1990 with TIAA working in the retirement plan field. Today, helping participants with what they want, how to actively invest.

  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Prudent
  • Smart investing at your fingertips with my 3-step system

While plan sponsors know that education will only go so far and advice is potentially too hands off, I have discovered with the right guidance, a less risky and more engaged relationship with participants can result in more retirement security.

This is why I created the Fiduciary Focus Dynamic Asset Allocation System for both the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement.

The system is fitted to your existing fund line-up and is designed to take a more active role in guiding participants with a more prudent approach and engaged strategies.

To learn more about the system please feel free to contact me at:

Pricing: $10,000 per year or $149.95 per participant whichever is less.

Asset Allocation

Attached are the details of the Fiduciary Focus active asset allocation approach: