Plan Sponsors

Times have not changed. Qualified plan participants still want to know what is the best asset allocation strategy for their retirement assets.

AND today the strategy has to flow from pre-retirement into retirement.

Most importantly, the strategy must be:

  • Easy to follow
  • Prudent
  • Effective in all market cycles

While plan sponsors know that education will only go so far and advice is potentially too hands off, with the right guidance, a less risky and more engaged approach with participants can result in more retirement security and less potential liability for plan sponsor fiduciaries.

This is why I developed a guidance system with quarterly reporting for both the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement.

One approach PLUS strategy that is optimal for both phases.

The system is fitted to your existing fund line-up and takes a balanced approach to asset allocation guidance.

Guidance designed for setting reasonable asset growth expectations over a mid-term ten year time horizon.

Below is an example of a quarterly update for participants

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To learn more, please read, the paper: “An Efficient Defined Contribution Investing Approach.”