Deflation is taking hold in the Eurozone

Deflation is taking hold in the eurozone: Major central banks around the globe might be engaged in a manic policy of monetary and public debt inflation, but deflation is growing. Last month, banks reported that corporate loan demand and personal credit card use are declining, and savings rates remain high. A declining social mood appears … Continue reading Deflation is taking hold in the Eurozone

Deflation appears to be in the equation

Turn on CNBC or Bloomberg News, and you will definitely hear the hosts and interviewees rave endlessly about the booming markets, low joblessness, and the record economic expansion. However, that's not the entire story. The economy isn't all roses when one considers the considerable measure of money related to monetary steroids stimulating growth, which eventually … Continue reading Deflation appears to be in the equation

Three Dangerous Trends

There are three underlying factors that are currently signaling material danger for US stocks:• record M&A activity• an unstable corporate bond market and• a crash in economically sensitive commodities. Global growth is languishing, corporate revenues too, but CEOs are trying to show they can grow their companies the quick and easy way… by issuing junk … Continue reading Three Dangerous Trends