Three decades of exercising expertise in financial markets in versatile roles across investment sales, communication, guidance, consulting, research, and design in retirement plans, asset allocation, and portfolio management.

Highlights involve a year-long rollout of Modern Portfolio Theory and building a strategic asset allocation approach across all products, services both individual and institutional while working as Director-Asset Allocation. The project also included the redesign of a mutual fund wrap product and the application of Modern Portfolio Theory in a retirement plan platform.

While working in portfolio management, I was responsible for the asset allocation methodology across a set of strategic asset allocation portfolios. Spearheaded the portfolio management methodologies across a set of style strategy portfolios and a valuation methodology for an international equity portfolio. Additionally, I acted as a co-portfolio manager in the portfolio management decision-making process across all portfolios.

The last decade involved an introduction of a dynamic asset allocation approach (with a fundamental overlay and technical factors) to plan sponsors and investment advisors.


I build active asset allocation systems.

I am not a registered investment manager or advisor.


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