It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic

Few actually understand inflation. 

Includes central bankers and financial analysts. 

Fed Chair and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claims the Fed has no idea about inflation. 

Yellen claims she and her colleagues may have underestimated the labor market’s health, longer-run inflation expectations’ consistency with our inflation goal, or even the basic mechanisms driving inflation. 

“We have no notion what causes inflation.” 

Before the huge 2021 inflation surge. Sadly, the Fed appears to have ignored inflation during that time. 

“The new Fed organization is not built to address this problem,” said Fed Chair Jerome Powell in October. 

Now it’s evident. 

Normalcy returns as the economy improves. 

The shutdowns’ has fueled demand. 

Demand exceeds supply. 


The recession caused a labor shortage. Many Americans chose not to return to work… or changed careers. 

Like many businesses. Before the outbreak, there were 8.6% fewer coal miners. But only 30,000 of the 100,000 laid off in 2020 have returned. 

Imagine fewer oil workers. 

Dock workers are absent Hundreds of cargo ships are waiting to unload. 

Unloaded containers lay idle owing to a labor shortage. 

Even hundreds of billions in monthly QE cannot empty cargo ships and restore normalcy. 

DC has a similar scenario. 

It’s not clear how much oil the US uses daily.

In the midst of a decades-long supply chain crisis.

Deploying 50 million barrels from the SPR to cut gas prices, even though the US uses 22 million daily.